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Adobe Acrobat Sign for Education

Document Workflows and Electronic Signature Collection

Help your school or institution go paperless today

Adobe Acrobat Sign helps education staff easily create, send, track, and manage document workflows and signature collection. And recipients can view and legally sign documents from any device, at any time, no accounts or sign-ins needed. Adobe Acrobat Sign creates a beautiful new way of working for students and parents, faculty and staff, and suppliers and partners.

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Explore below ideas of where to get started with Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Student/Alumni Services:

Help students, parents, and alumni easily access and sign forms anywhere, anytime.

  • Immunization/health records

  • K-12: Release and permission slips, IEP/504 sign-off,acceptable use agreements forms

  • In H-ED: Course add/drop forms, financial aid and housing forms, donor agreements



Processing a single paper-based IEP or 504 plan can take over 30 days. With Adobe Acrobat Sign, staff can create and send pre-filled forms in a specified order with Workflow Designer to create a quick, streamlined approval process, so everyone can spend less time doing paperwork and more time serving student needs.


Acceptable Use Agreements

A growing reliance on a 1:1 device model requires multi-form packets to be signed by parents for every single student—that’s a lot of forms. Adobe Acrobat Sign makes it easy for education staff as well as parents, with features like Megasign that route 1000s of forms in a single click.


Add/Drop Course Management

On most campuses, course changes require students to run around collecting wet signatures on a paper form. With Adobe Acrobat Sign, students can use online Web Forms to get it all done without going anywhere, so they can complete their registration and get to class, faster.


Employee Onboarding

Getting started at a new school or university involves a lot of paperwork for both the new employee and HR staff. Adobe Acrobat Sign makes both the sending and signing process quick and painless, so new employees can jump into their roles more quickly and confidently.


Vendor Contracts

Contract management is time-consuming for school staff and complicated for vendors. Adobe Acrobat Sign makes it quick and easy for procurement teams to send pre-filled forms and capture compliant signatures, so projects can get moving faster.


Help your school or institution go paperless today

It’s time to say goodbye to paper and all its pain points. It’s time to introduce seamless, paperless workflows powered by Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Sign that make creating, tracking, and managing document workflows secure and easy.

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